We’re taking a slightly different approach to this month’s article about adoption of Kira AI-powered contract review and analysis software. In our interview with Kira Systems’ director of customer success, Suzanne ElNaggar, and global lead, practice consulting, Daniel Himmel, we talked a lot about finding champions within a law firm and encouraging those champions to leverage all of a software provider’s services.

Our conversation with Esther Bowers, director of practice management at Honigman LLP—who started evaluating Kira two years ago to streamline a “tremendous volume of transaction work” in order to “remain competitive”—fully demonstrated the power of this strategy. Accordingly, we’re going all-in on this adoption story. We were both so inspired by how Bowers and her team implemented Kira at Honigman that we came away with TWENTY adoption takeaways. We’ll dive right in: