Bronster Fujichaku Robbins Attorneys at Law in Partnership with Mainland Environmental Law Firm to Hold Press Conference on Water Contamination Lawsuit Against U.S. Navy

Jan 28, 2022 11:09 AM ET


Local Oahu law firm Bronster Fujichaku Robbins Attorneys at Law (BFR), in partnership with mainland environmental and catastrophic personal injury law firm McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP (MWA), is set to bring a class action against the United States Navy over the severe water contamination at Pearl Harbor-Hickam base on Oahu. The two firms will be holding a press conference at BFR in Honolulu, HI, on January 19, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. HST to discuss this suit. The press conference will be livestreamed online on YouTube, Zoom, and Facebook Live.

The combination United States Navy and Air Force military base at Pearl Harbor-Hickam on Oahu has been the site of a jet fuel and marine diesel leak which has leeched at least 14,000 gallons into the Red Hill Well. This well supplies drinking water for 93,000 people living on and around the base. The leak was also situated a mere 100 feet from the Moanalua-Waimalu aquifer which supplies the water for thousands more. Residents who live on or near the base report drinking water that smells like jet fuel and severe side effects from ingesting the water, including several hospitalizations. Many are concerned the pollution may affect much of the island. Although the military has been tasked with cleanup, thousands of locals may still have been inadvertently ingesting, bathing in, or cooking with polluted water before the cleanup efforts began. The Navy has not yet been held accountable for claims of severe medical concerns that have arisen as a result of drinking contaminated water.

The press conference hosted by BFR will discuss alleged claims and answer questions regarding potential water contaminants on Oahu. Speakers for this press conference include BFR Founding Partner and former State of Hawaii Attorney General Margery Bronster and MWA Partner and retired Marine Corps Major Cory R. Weck, as well as the claimant. Emergency physician and healthcare CEO Dr. Larry McEvoy and public health expert Dr. Dora Barilla will also discuss the health consequences of consuming contaminated drinking water on the individual and the impact of this event on public health overall.

"Unlike other firms, we are seeking to hold the United States Navy, and not the base landlords, accountable for their negligence in this matter," commented Margery Bronster. "The military must strive for a relationship with the State of Hawaii built on trust and goodwill." BFR has provided responsive, dedicated legal representation to people of Hawaii for more than 20 years in commercial litigation, estate and trust litigation, professional malpractice and antitrust matters, and more.

MWA supports BFR with Cory Weck's background in the Marine Corps and its expertise in environmental law. The Environmental Practice Group of MWA is designed to address concerns surrounding the health of our natural environment in the United States and the communities that live in them.

About Bronster Fujichaku Robbins Attorneys at Law: Bronster Fujichaku Robbins (BFR) is a Hawaii-based boutique litigation firm staffed by legal professionals ranging from a former judge to former Attorneys General. BFR has handled a wide variety of litigation such as commercial, estate, consumer rights, and civil rights matters since 1999.

About McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP: McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP has a deep history of success for its clients, including a $203 million verdict against Wells Fargo Bank, recovery of over $1 billion for its clients, and over 100 contingency cases with recovery of $1 million or more. For over 30 years, MWA has successfully represented clients involved in general complex and commercial litigation, as well as personal injury and class action matters.

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