Class Action Against FasciaBlaster Inventor Ashley Black Dismissed by Judge

Apr 21, 2021 2:12 PM ET


On April 2, 2021the United States District Court in Texas declared in Elson vs Black that the "class and subclass are struck" ending a 3-year rigorous defense of baseless class action suits brought against Ashley Black. The Class Actions were based on warranty claims that insisted Black's medical device / biotechnology, the FasciaBlaster® and similar devices, fail to work and had a breach of warranty.

Disguised as a FasciaBlaster warranty claim, the suits were loaded with unverified fabricated injuries designed to confuse the public and damage Black's brand and reputation by feeding the media with the baseless claims recited in the court filings and encouraging media outlets to publish the unverified claims and controversy. Ashley Black solved the warranty claim before it was ever filed with the court because the company offers a 1000-day money back guarantee on all FasciaBlaster tools. In addition, since filing the case, the claims made by the company have been peer reviewed and published in Cogent Medical Journal.

"We believe the claims were falsified because the women first wrote to the company and posted pictures on social media of their amazing results, but then the lawsuits were filed with opposite statements," said Gary Solomon, a legal representative for the company. "We have videos of members of the lawsuit praising Ashley Black and the FasciaBlaster device. It seems ironic that they went from telling the world about their health benefits from the use of the FasciaBlaster to then participating in a class action suit. Even after being presented with irrefutable evidence that his clients were lying, they refused to drop the case."

Despite evidence of social media posts, emails, and video with statements of success stories made by many of the class members presented to the Plaintiffs' attorneys, the lawsuit continued. Two class members voluntarily participated in a third-party clinical study of the FasciaBlaster tools. Each saw positive results (one participant lost 3 inches in each leg but then later disputed that statement) and were loyal to Black, the brand and FasciaBlaster products, even attending her book tour as special guests. 

The lawsuits are presumed to be just one aspect of various attacks on Black and her companies. Black believes that several members participating in the class action suits organized troller groups and used the FDA's anonymous reporting system to make false and misleading injury claims from use of the FasciaBlaster. With the FDA's anonymous reporting system, anyone could sit at a computer and file multiple FDA reports, abusing the reporting system and using it as a weapon. For even the most illegitimate and unrealistic reports, companies are still required to investigate and run through medical review.

Ashley Black has gone through medical reviews for all reports and not one of the seemingly false injury claims was ever validated, despite numerous attempts by Black to obtain real medical records in order to report findings to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), as required, being that the FasciaBlaster is FDA registered as a Class I medical device. To date, neither the FDA nor Black's companies have received a single verifiable injury report.

"I personally go looking for any possible side effect or problem with my products. We investigate every comment on social media and in reviews. If there was any legitimate concern with my products, I would be the first to warn everyone," said Ashley Black. I created these products to dramatically help people with their health. If my products hurt people or didn't work, I wouldn't be doing this. What I would like to see is change in our courts that don't allow class actions to be filed without merit and that our FDA, that is designed to protect consumers, cannot be used as part of internet troller's games. This is why I will not settle; I have to stand up for what's right, and this is why I did not and will not settle. "

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About Ashley Black:
Ashley Black is the 2020 American Business Awards Entrepreneur of the Year, a #1 National Bestselling Author, Co- author of the scientific paper "The Effects of Fascia manipulation with Fascia Devices on Myofascial Tissue, Subcutaneous Fat and Cellulite in Adult Women" and Inventor of the FasciaBlaster®. After suffering from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, a bone eating infection and a total hip replacement, she had no choice but to look for answers that would defy her medical prognosis of a life of pain management and debilitation. She discovered that limitations and pain in her body were due to thickening and scarring of fascia, the "sheets" of connective tissue that connect, penetrate, envelope, and surround every organ, joint, muscle, and system of the body. This contributed to the creation of a new field of science: Fasciology™ – the study of fascia. Since 1999 Ashley forged a career as a fascia authority with personal clients in pro sports and Hollywood.  The results with her personal clients inspired her to invent the FasciaBlaster® tools in 2014. Many versions of the FasciaBlaster and complimentary products have followed and Ashley is dedicated to helping the masses. Her mission in life is to bring evidence based body hacks to reverse aging and improve health naturally to market. Her motto is "if it doesn't exist, invent it" which has led to her creating products that empower users take care of themselves and teach her knowledge to progressive health care practitioners and healers. The world is listening and responding, and Ashley couldn't be more thrilled about the shift.


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