Empty Conference Room, board room Photo Credit: hxdbzxy/Shutterstock.com

Artesian Resources Corp., which includes operations in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania, announced the expansion of the board of directors by appointing Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell’s Michael Houghton.

Houghton, a partner with Morris Nichols in Wilmington, has experience representing governmental entities, banks, trust companies, insurance companies and public utilities, including Artesian Water Co., in commercial transactions and before regulatory authorities. Houghton has served in numerous leadership roles with both Delaware and national business and professional organizations, including as president of the Uniform Law Commission and the Delaware State Bar Association, as well as serving as member of the boards of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce Inc., the Delaware Public Policy Institute, the Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation and the Rockefeller Trust Co. of Delaware, according to a press release from Morris Nichols.

In 2017, Houghton was appointed by Delaware Gov. John Carney to serve as chair of the Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council. DEFAC, which includes public and private sector representatives, is responsible for providing nonpartisan and objective revenue and expenditure estimates to the governor and General Assembly, as well as advice on tax policy and economic trends, according to the press release.