Gov. Nathan Deal Gov. Nathan Deal

A loser has already emerged from Monday’s college football championship game between Georgia and Alabama at the Benz: the workday.

No one wants to tackle Atlanta traffic.

State, city and county leaders have united in calling an early close for courts and all other government business downtown.

Gov. Nathan Deal announced Thursday that the state and the city of Atlanta would close for business at 2:30 p.m. Monday “in light of several factors.”

While Deal didn’t mention the game in his news release, he did post several tweets the same day with photos showing himself and his staff wearing Georgia football jerseys. The governor also declared #UGAfootballFriday and admired a large “G” in the middle of the park next to the State Capitol.

Fulton County announced Friday that courts and other government offices will close at 3 p.m. Monday “in response to predicted stormy weather and an extremely high number of expected visitors for the College Football National Championship game that will take place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium that night.”

Plus, the county also noted the added threat for a potential Atlanta traffic disaster: President Donald Trump has decided to attend. As the county understated, “a presidential motorcade is also expected in the area on that date.”

Here’s the governor’s advice: “Agencies are also encouraged to allow employees with the ability to telecommute to do so. Employees and visitors are also encouraged to use MARTA to travel on Monday.”

And Deal—who hasn’t forgotten the rush hour ice that stranded commuters on the highway all night—will be watching the forecasts. He added, “Finally, state and local governments will continue monitoring weather and will send additional guidance to employees as necessary.”