Less than 24 hours after a deadlocked jury resulted in a mistrial for three white Washington County deputies charged with tasing an unarmed Black man to death in Georgia, attorneys for Eurie Martin’s family announced plans for civil litigation.

“We’ve already served notice of our intent [to file a civil suit],” said Francys Johnson of Davis Bozeman Johnson Law during a virtual press conference Wednesday. “We wanted the criminal case to proceed for lots of legal reasons, including access to all of the evidence, which is restrained while a criminal proceeding is ongoing. We didn’t want to do anything at all to jeopardize the district attorney’s ability to hold these officers accountable for their criminal conduct.”

Mistrial granted in Eurie Martin Murder trial on October 26, 2021. Image via Court Video Mistrial granted in Eurie Martin Murder trial on Oct. 26, 2021. (Photo: via Court Video