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Perhaps most vulnerable to the pressures of our profession are working parents. While work-life balance is a constant conversation in our industry, parents still face inequitable circumstances and suffer the consequences of trying to juggle work and family.

However, parents should not have to choose between excellence in parenting and excellence in a career. With strategic thinking, firms can accommodate success in both.

At Pursley Friese Torgrimson, we’ve spearheaded a “bring your child to work every day” policy for all employees to directly address the issue.

Recognizing our attorneys can’t be in two places at once, we encourage all employees—male or female, attorney or staff—to bring their children to work every day, where a shared nanny cares for the children in a dedicated space just steps away from employees’ offices. This policy empowers our employees to both build a successful career and stay connected with family, and we are able to deliver superior legal work as result.

Having confidence that our children are being cared for next door removes the added pressure of worrying where your child is or missing a daycare pick-up. Then, it’s not nearly as stressful to stay at the office an hour or two later to complete work or help a client with another urgent matter.

It’s also important to have a mentor to help guide your career and provide both positive reassurance and critical counsel during tough times. One of our goals as leaders in this space is to inspire and empower other women by instilling in them that there are no barriers preventing them from success. We talk openly at the firm about a number of topics, including those related to gender and work-life balance. Having a transparent and supportive work environment makes all the difference.

Stephanie Friese is the founding and managing partner of Pursley Friese Torgrimson.