Jacqueline Tio, Fish & Richardson, Atlanta. Jacqueline Tio, Fish & Richardson, Atlanta.

Name: Jacqueline Tio

Title: Principal

Current primary practice area: Patent litigation

Experience: Current employer, Fish & Richardson P.C., 2010-present

Previous legal employers: N/A

Education: The University of Chicago Law School 2009; Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2006

What drew you to a career in law? A combination of my debating days and love of science.  Before college, I was a high school policy debater with my twin sister by my side. In our senior year, we competed in the Tournament of Champions in Lexington, Kentucky, and reached the peak of our debating careers. As an undergraduate, I left that behind and pursued my next great interest: chemistry. While conducting research shaped in part by the EPA and the law, I saw the intersection of science and law in action, and when I discovered intellectual property law—it was the perfect combination.

Have you set a specific goal that you want to achieve in the next year? My goal this next year is to expand, broaden and strengthen my practice and the practices of those I work with while improving upon my quality of work and quality of life. The latter two are very intertwined in my eyes—you cannot sustain one without maintaining the other.

What has been your proudest career moment and your biggest hurdle? My proudest career moment was last year, when I was asked to join a case not as the youngest member but as a source of expertise whose presence brought a sense of confidence to a very talented and bright team. My biggest hurdle in my career thus far has been saying no to representing clients in U.S. International Trade Commission investigations—which are cases that can be truly rewarding but are known, perhaps more infamously, for their extreme time pressures and case schedules.