Miami-Dade ​State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle, ​newly installed ​CABA President Jorge Piedra and ​Miami-Dade ​Chief ​Circuit ​Judge Bertila Soto​.

The newly installed ​2018 CABA ​board of ​directors​.

Miami-Dade County Court​ ​​Judge William Altfield, Stephanie Lopez​, immediate ​past ​president Javier Lopez, ​president-​elect Maria Garcia​ of Kozyak Tropin Throckmorton and ​​Ryon Little​ of De Leo & Kuylenstierna.

CABA past president Manuel Vazquez​ of Manuel Vazquez P​.​A​. and Lisa del Monte​ of The Flyer Media Group.

Carlos Borja of Weathertrol, Gaston Corradi of Corradi Construction Group, CABA President Jorge Piedra and Ashley Bosch of Rilea Group​.

Former L​atin Builders Association President Charlie Martinez​, Maite Martinez, Albert Maury of Leon Medical Centers​, Silvia Maury, Javier Vazquez of Berger Singerman and Mercy Dorta ​of Florida International University.

Miami-Dade County ​Court ​Judge Michelle Alvarez Barakat, Mari Guzman, Miami-Dade County ​Court ​Judge Carlos Guzman, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Lourdes Simon, Miami-Dade County ​Court ​Judge Gina Beovides and Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Victoria del Pino​.

Manny Fresneido of Miami-Dade Transit, Lourdes Sanders and Kristina Maranges of Broad and Cassel, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Victoria del Pino and Joey Prieto

CABA ​past ​president Ricardo Martinez-Cid, ​​Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Angelica Zayas, CABA ​past ​president Sergio Mendez, ​swimming instructor ​Yazmin Ramirez-Acocella and Bruno Zayas of Williamson Cadillac​.

Nicole Mestre of Mestre Law, Rosamaria Klemick ​of Professional Bank, CABA ​past ​president Sandra Ferrera​ and Coral Gables Bar Association President Diane Perez​.

The ​​Cuban American Bar Association ​h​osted Nuestro Miami, its 44th​ -annual benefit and installation gala​ at Florida International University​​.

The voluntary bar group rais​ed nearly $500​,000​ for the CABA Foundation, which supports students pursuing legal careers​.

The 900 attendees included judges, attorneys, business professionals and community leaders.