A jury in Palm Beach County was unconvinced by testimony from a woman who alleged she suffered serious injuries from a collision.

In December 2014, Rebeca Diaz, 37, was driving west on Lake Worth Road. When she reached Boutwell Road, her car was broadsided by a sport utility vehicle. She claimed the driver, Dale Porcher, turned left through a red light. She was diagnosed with bulges and herniations at several spinal discs, requiring surgeries. Diaz claimed she could no longer perform many household activities.

Porcher and his three passengers contended Diaz ran the red light. His counsel noted Diaz could not recall details about the accident and pointed out inconsistencies in her testimony. The jury rendered a defense verdict.

Case: Diaz v. Porcher

Case No.: 50-2016-CA-010457-XXXX-MB

Plaintiffs attorneys: Scott A. Goldstein and Carlos J. Jimenez, Carlos J. Jimenez P.L., Boynton Beach

Defense attorney: Edward W. Malavenda, Law Office of Nicholas J. Ryan & Associates, Fort Lauderdale