Miami-Dade Circuit Court

Group 16: Thomas Aquinas Cobitz and Stephen Thomas Millan
Attorney Stephen Thomas Millan will try a third time to secure a judgeship in a Miami-Dade circuit court race against fellow criminal defense lawyer Thomas Aquinas Cobitz.

Group 26: Rodney Smith And Christian Carrazana
Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Rodney Smith is being challenged in August’s primary election by Cuban-American personal injury attorney Christian Carrazana.

Group 27: Alberto Milian And Mary Gomez
Alberto Milian made a name for himself as a shoot-from-the-hip prosecutor. Now the son of a famous Cuban exile wants to be a circuit judge. But family law practitioner Mary Gomez says she is doing a public service taking on Milian.

Group 58: Oscar Rodriguez-Fonts and Martin Zilber
Attorneys Oscar Rodriguez-Fonts and Martin Zilber face each other in Group 58 for an open Miami-Dade Circuit Court seat.

Group 67: Jeannine Fleur Lobree and Mavel Ruiz
Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jeannine Fleur Lobree, twice appointed, must face again an election challenge by an Hispanic opponent.

Group 70: Renier de la Portilla and Veronica Diaz
After serving in the state House and Miami-Dade School Board, Renier de la Portilla is vying to become judge in a hotly contested race with Assistant City Attorney Veronica Diaz.

Miami-Dade County Court

Group 26: Nuria Saenz and Victoria Ferrer
Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Nuria Saenz is facing her first election challenge from litigator Victoria Ferrer.

Group 19: Jacqueline Schwartz, Rachel Glorioso Dooley And Frank Bocanegra
Miami-Dade County Court Judge Jacqueline Schwartz, who got her seat by defeating an incumbent, faces two challengers in Rachel Glorioso Dooley and Frank Bocanegra.

Broward Circuit Court

Group 8: Lynn Rosenthal And F. Jahra McLawrence
The big question in the contest between Judge Lynn Rosenthal and Tamarac criminal defense attorney F. Jahra McLawrence is how much Rosenthal’s driving under the influence arrest will hurt her.

Group 16: Dennis Bailey, Andrea Ruth Gundersen, Russell M. Thompson and Rhoda Sokoloff
Dennis Bailey, Andrea Ruth Gundersen, Russell M. Thompson and Rhoda Sokoloff are squaring off in this crowded field to replace retiring Broward Circuit Judge Mel Grossman.

Group 17: Julie Shapiro-Harris And Stacy Schulman
Julie Shapiro Harris, an attorney in the clerk’s domestic violence unit, is campaigning against Stacey Schulman, who spent nine years in the Broward state attorney’s office.

Group 27: Steven B. Feren And John Contini
A Broward circuit race has Judge Steven B. Feren seeking a second term if he can defeat criminal defense attorney John Contini.

Broward County Court

Group 27: Ian Richards, Jonathan Kasen And Claudia Robinson
Broward County Court Judge Ian Richards faces two primary challengers–solo practitioners Jonathan Kasen and Claudia Robinson.

Group 18: Ellen Feld And Mark Rickard
Broward County Court Judge Ellen Feld faces Plantation attorney Mark Rickard in this month’s primary election.

Palm Beach Circuit Court

Group 14: Jessica Ticktin And Diana Lewis
Foreclosure defense attorney Jessica Ticktin hopes to knock out incumbent Palm Beach Circuit Judge Diana Lewis.

Group 30: Peggy Rowe-Linn, Jaimie Goodman and Maxine Cheesman
Peggy Rowe-Linn, Jaimie Goodman and Maxine Cheesman are competing for a vacant Palm Beach circuit court seat.