In international arbitration, who wins? It’s Miami v. Atlanta and both cities are competing for the same title: “Top international arbitration venue of the Southeast.”

Miami, Atlanta Hustling To Become International Arbitration Hubs
One boasts about its corporate culture as the home to Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Home Depot and UPS. The other touts its proximity to Latin America, with frequent nonstop flights and a welcoming, Spanish-speaking culture. Miami is the undisputed leader in Latin American arbitration, while Atlanta is positioning itself as a global hub.

Miami Sets Stage As International Arbitration Center
In recent years, every major city from Atlanta to Zagreb has invested time and money in creating a climate friendly to international arbitration. But Attorney Quinn Smith says Miami has taken the necessary steps to become a true center for international arbitration, separating it from regional competitors.

For More Versatility In A Range Of Arbitrations, Atlanta Is Tops
Atlanta, a major corporate headquarters city that will soon open a state-of-the-art international arbitration center in a new $82.5 million building, is the more versatile option for a wider range of matters, making it the top international arbitration venue in the Southeast.