Judge Lynn Rosenthal's mugshot
Judge Lynn Rosenthal’s mugshot ()

Broward Circuit Judge Lynn Rosenthal’s mug shot was sealed at her request following her arrest for driving under the influence.

Photographs of Rosenthal are widely available, but she cited a state law when she was booked that provides a public records exemption to protect the identities of current and former federal judges and prosecutors.

Rosenthal hand wrote a request, witnessed by Broward sheriff’s Lt. Chris Moffat, stating, “I request for my photo to be blocked from public view per FSS 119 073(i).”

After the sealing request was reported online by the Daily Business Review and JAABlog, a Broward circuit blog produced by Oakland Park attorney William Gelin, Rosenthal dropped her objections and authorized release of the photo late Thursday.

Rosenthal cited the wrong statute, but there is a public records exemption that includes the “home address, telephone number and photograph of a current or former United States attorney, assistant United States attorney, judge of the United States Courts of Appeal, United States district judge or United States magistrate.”

Rosenthal was a federal prosecutor from 1985 until she was appointed to the bench in 2012 by Gov. Rick Scott.

Rosenthal was arrested after her morning commute to work Tuesday from Weston to Fort Lauderdale. According to the sheriff’s traffic investigation report, she was weaving in traffic on I-595, went into the breakdown lane and struck a concrete barrier.

She made her way to the entrance of the judicial parking lot at the downtown Fort Lauderdale courthouse, struck an empty sheriff’s patrol car and repeatedly hit the closed gate with her black BMW SUV.

A breath test showed no sign of alcohol use, but Rosenthal told officers she took the sleep medication Ambien CR the night before. She refused to provide blood or urine samples.

Rosenthal was charged with driving under the influence with property damage and driving under the influence.