A jury found that a smoker who died of lung cancer was not addicted to the nicotine contained in Philip Morris cigarettes.

The estate’s counsel said Eduardo Blasco, 61, began smoking while a teenager before packs warned of the health hazards and addictive nature of cigarettes. Counsel alleged the use of Philip Morris’ products caused Blasco’s cancer, which caused his death.

The defense’s addiction expert opined Blasco was not addicted to smoking and could have quit at any time he chose. Defense counsel claimed Blasco chose to smoke knowing the risks and bore personal responsibility for the consequences of that decision. They also claimed Blasco’s lung cancer was not caused by smoking.

Case: Estate of Blasco v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco

Case No.: 07-46473 CA 23

Plaintiffs attorneys: Alex Alvarez and Phillip E. Holden, Alvarez Law Firm, Coral Gables; and Philip Freidin, Freidin & Dobrinsky, Miami; and Todd R. McPharlin, Kelley Uustal, Fort Lauderdale

Defense attorneys: Stephanie E. Parker and John M. Walker, Jones Day, Atlanta, and Kenneth J. Reilly, Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Miami