Anthony Halmon
Anthony Halmon (AM Holt)

A rap video didn’t translate into victory for second-year law student Anthony Halmon, who lost his race for president of the Student Bar Association of Florida International University.

Daniel Horton, 28, another second-year law student who was considered the insider, beat Halmon in a four-day Internet-based vote last week to represent the 500 law students at the Miami commuter college, according to Zoraya “Zory” Hernandez,coordinator of student services at FIU.

It’s unknown how close the election was because Hernandez said the university does not release the final tally of the vote.

Halmon challenged Horton forgoing traditional campaign methods, posting the self-made rap on YouTube that stirred controversy in the student body.

Horton was the 2L representative on the Student Bar Association and interns at the Reyes Legal Group in Davie.

He is also member of the school’s Board of Advocates.

Halmon, his rapping opponent, has secured a summer associateship at Colson Hicks Eidson in Coral Gables, a clerkship with U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke in Miami and a summer job with the Broward County Attorney’s Office.

Halmon rapped about his rough high school years in Tampa when he was kicked out of school for fighting. He ended the rap about how he turned his life around and “got back to the basics.”

Halmon said he decided to do the rap, knowing he was a long shot in the election.

“No one has ever thought to do something untraditional as a form of campaigning,” he told the Daily Business Review before the vote. “All people do is stickers and fliers. People are coming up to me in the halls and saying, ‘Is that you? I had no idea you could rap. How long have you been doing this?’”

Law dean Alexander Acosta said he found nothing wrong with the rap and lauded Halmon for “pulling himself up by his bootstraps.”

Halmon could not be reached for comment on Monday.