Fort Lauderdale-based Tripp Scott is merging with Ellis Law Group, a small Boca Raton law firm specializing in estate planning and probate.

The merger opens Tripp Scott’s third office; the firm also has an office in Tallahassee. Tripp Scott has 40 attorneys and will pick up three in Boca Raton—Seth Ellis, George Freund and Lenora Fowler.

“It’s a great opportunity for us, it gives us a nice entrée into south Palm Beach,” said Ed Pozzuoli, managing partner of Tripp Scott. “We already had clients in Boca Raton, but now we have an office there.”

Ellis, who founded Ellis Law Group in 1999, said merger talks evolved after he reached out to a Tripp Scott lawyer to discuss hiring a litigator.

“We were looking to expand our footprint to offer entrepreneurial, including litigation, services to our client base,” Ellis said. “We began talking with them six months ago. It was mutual.”

Founded in 1969, Tripp Scott is a full-service law firm known for its government affairs practice.