A Guatemalan immigrant represented by a law firm with Florida offices has been awarded a $58 million verdict in Los Angeles.

Antonio Lopez Chaj was left brain damaged from a severe beating suffered at the hands of a security guard who intervened in a family fight at a Los Angeles bar in 2010.

A DGSP Security and Patrol Services security guard struck Lopez repeatedly on the head with a baton. He cannot speak and requires 24-hour care.

Lopez was represented by Federico Castelan Sayre of Sayre & Levitt in Santa Ana, California, and Fernando F. Chavez of the San Jose, California, office of Chavez & De Leon.

The Los Angeles Superior Court jury issued the award Tuesday against the company.

Chavez's partner, John De Leon, managing shareholder of the firm in its South Miami office, said the firm was asked to take the case by the government of Guatemala, which was referring immigrant cases to the firm. While the civil complaint was pending against Lopez's employer, the South Miami office handled immigration issues and obtain legal residency for Cruz.

"Our firm is dedicated to fighting for justice of immigrants in the United States and for protecting their civil rights," De Leon said. "This verdict for the injuries suffered by a then-undocumented immigrant highlights that just juries are prepared to compensate injured parties, regardless of immigration status, fully."