The defense prevailed in the case of a wife of a longtime cancer patient who sued the operators of Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach, alleging her 65-year-old husband fell because of an overlong tablecloth.

Judith Norkin claimed her husband’s fall resulted in broken ribs and spinal injuries and that subsequent treatment caused Jeffrey Norkin’s quality of life to worsen before his death in May 2015.

The defense argued the fall could have been caused by the decedent’s medications, which cause lightheadedness, and the tablecloth length was an open and obvious condition that could have been avoided if the couple complained about it when they were seated. They also claimed the fall caused only broken ribs and minor abrasions.

Case: Estate of Norkin v. J.V. Associates (PB)

Case No.: 50-2016-CA-011907-XXXX-MB

Plaintiffs attorneys: Darryn L. Silverstein and Gregg A. Silverstein, Silverstein, Silverstein & Silverstein, Aventura

Defense attorneys: Rory Eric Jurman and Jill Mendelsohn, Fowler White Burnett, Fort Lauderdale