Brian Levin, of Levin Law P.A. Courtesy photo


Brian Levin, who practiced at Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein for 12 years, has opened his own Miami-based boutique firm: Levin Law P.A.

Much of Levin’s practice is focused on representing customers in claims against banks and broker-dealers for investment-related wrongdoing. The practice is identical to the work he did at Dimond, and Levin brought all of his clients with him, he said.

“I’ve owned a business before, and I wanted to be a business owner again,” Levin said. “I wanted to take what I learned at Dimond and make something that was my own.”

Levin said the split from Dimond, where he was a partner for six years, was amicable. He still leases out office space from, and occasionally works with the firm.

Levin has carved out a niche representing South and Central American clients who are making claims against United States financial institutions, where mandatory arbitration is the norm. He also represents bankers and other employees fired by their bank or hedge-fund.

Like many smaller firms, Levin gets paid through a variety of billing methods. He usually works on a contingency basis, though he does sometimes charges by the traditional billable hour, a flat fee or a combination of the three, he said, noting that new clients often come from Big Law referrals.

“A lot of Big Law firms pass on these cases because they don’t want to sue a financial institution because of a conflict,” said Levin. Nearly all of the large banks are represented by Big Law.

Levin said he wants to stay lean but he’s looking to add another lawyer in the next six to 12 months. A firm website will be up early next year, he said.