Florida International University College of Law. Photo: J.Albert Diaz/ALM

The results for the July Florida bar examination have been released and, once again, Florida International University had the highest percentage of students who passed the pivotal exam.

With an 88.1 percent pass rate, FIU outranked Florida State University and the University of Miami, which placed second and third with 84.8 percent and 83.2 percent success rates, respectively.

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Of the 118 FIU law school students who took the exam, 104 passed. Likewise, 112 of FSU’s 132 students passed their bar exam, while 203 of UM’s students succeeded of 244 overall.

Here are the results for the July 2018 General Bar Examination: 

Florida Bar Exam Result Comparisons.

Notably, the University of Florida bounced back from the dismal 31.8 percent passing rate logged by its students during the February bar exam. This time, 183 of the 258 UF students who took the exam passed, leading to a 70.9 percent success rate.

July’s results mark another notch in FIU’s belt as the public university in Miami has continually outpaced other law schools on the percentage of students to pass the exam in recent years.

In total, 1,497 of the 2,228 law students to take the Florida exam passed, marking a 67.2 percent pass rate.

Coincidentally, results of the Multistate Bar Exam were released, and the July average dipped to the lowest figure since 1984.

The Florida Board of Bar Examiners announced Monday that 67 percent of July takers passed, down from 71 percent a year ago.

Falling bar pass rates across the country have prompted concern in recent years, with some critics blaming the bar exam itself for the declining pass rates.

The National Conference of Bar Examiners, however, has pointed to the lower academic credentials of students who entered law school after 2011 when interest in legal education waned and many schools reached deeper into their applicant pools.

July is the larger of the two bar administrations and has a larger percentage of first-time takers.


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