John Blood is Chief Legal & Corporate Affairs Officer & Company Secretary of AB InBev – the multinational drink and brewing company – and an inspirational leader. Below, he discusses what it means to create a leadership legacy, and the importance of using a global franchise as a vehicle for unlocking value for shareholders, employees, customers and communities. Blood also shares his thoughts on why every leader must have a sense of purpose that goes beyond narrow metrics and outlines his key leadership strategies to engage the in-house team and inspire change within an organization.

CCA: What does leadership legacy mean to you? John Blood: Ultimately, I see leadership as the opportunity to create situations in which groups of people can work toward a purpose they really believe in. At AB InBev, we talk a lot about dreaming big dreams – not just as a business, but in terms of what we can do to promote sustainability, create broadly shared economic opportunity, combat harmful use of alcohol and more. As a leader in the company, I’m trying to put my teams in a position to develop and bring to life those dreams. If I can create a legacy of people and systems all geared toward impacting the world in the biggest and most positive ways possible, that is something that would mean a lot to me.