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Resources From HaystackID

  • Operationalizing Data Mapping: From Practices and Protocols to Proven Processes

    Watch this on-demand webcast and hear industry experts share how to operationalize data mapping processes in the planning, preparation and migration of complex data sets consisting of high-risk, sensitive and low-risk data. READ MORE ›

    Complex information governance challenges require a comprehensive and complete approach to understanding an organization's data profile through the lenses of compliance, privacy and litigation. Data mapping is a critical component of this understanding. The practices, protocols and processes around this vital component can make the difference between an organization's comfort or concern regarding its data profile.

    Watch this on-demand webcast and learn:

    • The Importance of Data Mapping
    • Strategy to Tactics: Data Mapping Considerations
    • Documentation and Data Mapping: A Key to Success
    • Working the Workflow: From Protocols to Processes
    • Technology Matters: Tools and Techniques

  • Automating Privacy and eDiscovery Workflows - Operational Excellence as a Service

    Automation is necessary to keep up with client and compliance demands in today’s market. Watch this webcast to learn more. READ MORE ›

    Managing the volume of DSAR, PII, Discovery and Incident Response requests in today’s world of work is challenging. While many industries are seeing linear growth in these types of requests, some are seeing an exponential increase. The timelines are short, the data volumes are larger than ever, and the reporting obligations are becoming increasingly onerous.

    Is your organization searching for alternatives and technical solutions to meet these challenges?

    Watch this on-demand webcast where experts share insights into the automation of unique workflows to better engage with these rapid-response projects. Topics include: 

    • Automation considerations and legal challenges
    • Tailoring workflows to streamline processes
    • How to let technology get your job done
    • Working with outside counsel and third parties to define the process
    • What "operational excellence as a service” means

  • A Matter of Time? From Data Breach Discovery to Defensible Incident Responses

    The reality is that most organizations will experience a breach over the next few years where sensitive data is compromised. Learn how to prepare your organization, and how cutting-edge data discovery technologies and document review services can support critical response processes. READ MORE ›

    In 2020, the average cost to businesses affected by a data breach in the U.S. amounted to $8.64 million resulting from lost business, post response activities, and costs associated with detection, escalation and notification.

    In this educational webcast, cybersecurity incident response, legal discovery, and privacy experts share how organizations should be prepared to respond to a cyber-related incident, while also gaining insight into cutting-edge data discovery technologies and proven document review services to support the detection, identification, review, and notification processes required by law after sensitive data-related breaches and disclosure.

    Watch this on-demand webcast which highlights:

    • The anatomy of a ransomware attack
    • The first 48 hours: signs you are about to get hit and next steps to take
    • Designing an effective incident response plan: key players, workstreams, communications plan, and the importance of data mapping
    • Post breach discovery: document review services and technology enablers to support isolation, collation and organization of PII/PHII relating to breached entities
    • Leveraging impact assessments to identify sensitive data scope and reduce risk
    • Notification and disclosure reporting: obligations, best practices, and methods for streamlining entity notification and disclosure

  • Public Comment Management: Heated Opposition, Major Politics, Strict Timelines and Billions of Dollars at Stake

    Processing data quickly and accurately is critical for successful public comment management. Learn how an effective public comment management process helped a global environmental practice review and report public comments in less time and for less money. READ MORE ›

    Reviewing hundreds of thousands of unique public comments is no small task. However, by combining the right project teams with the latest technologies, this firm was able to rapidly process over 300,000 submissions, saving nearly a years' worth of work. Understand their innovative process and powerful technology suite that transformed the way they analyzed public comments in a range of formats, from web-forms, emails and social media to handwritten letters, comment cards and public transcripts. 

    Download this case study to discover fast, accurate, effective and efficient strategies for managing public comments including: 

    • How to identify, tag and analyze submissions using platforms such as Relativity and SmartComment
    • Maintaining review metrics for accurate reporting 
    • How to categorize and organize submissions
    • Analyzing potential form letters

  • Speed, Slack, and Specialization: A Precision Approach to Second Requests

    How HaystackID helped a global financial platform company quickly respond to a complex second request during COVID-constrained times. READ MORE ›

    During the COVID-constrained summer of 2020, HaystackID™ supported a leading global finance platform company and it’s internationally recognized outside counsel in responding to a Department of Justice (DOJ) Second Request based on a proposed acquisition of a highly regulated company. 

    To meet the substantial compliance standard, three main roadblocks stood in the way: volumes of data, data sources, and Slack discovery challenges. 

    Download this case study to learn how each of these challenges were overcome to create a compliant response to a complex investigation request, ultimately enabling the acquisition. You’ll learn:

    • How the process was scoped and executed in just 106 days
    • 4 key recommendations that guided investigation and discovery execution
    • Innovative approaches to Slack-specific roadblocks, including communication heat maps
    • Collection, processing, and TAR review metrics and results

  • Post-Data Breach Incident Responses: Sensitive Data Discovery and Review with ReviewRight Protect

    Discover how to quickly identify sensitive data, promptly assess safe and at-risk data, and rapidly respond and report to mitigate data-breach associated risk. READ MORE ›

    Data is king. As its exponential growth increasingly fuels the modern business environment, protecting it has become paramount in an era where data breaches translate to diminished reputations and a hit to the bottom line. Additionally, how your enterprise, or firm, handles a data-breach or inadvertent disclosure can either inflict more damage or help restore confidence in your organization.  

    Corporations, law firms, insurers, cybersecurity providers, and incident response companies seeking to determine exposure, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance with security and data breach notification requirements need the best solutions and services at their disposal. 

    Download this data sheet to explore how ReviewRight Protect™ harnesses the power of leading discovery and review services and orients them directly on the detection, identification, review, and notification of sensitive data-related breaches and disclosures. This covers:

    • The biggest challenges and risks posed by data breaches
    • Proactive and reactive sensitive data planning and remediation
    • Sensitive data audits and investigations
    • Legal, regulatory, and policy-driven customer and entity notifications
    • Breached data and sensitive data review