Most of us would happily cut our workday short to go on a cruise. So would most of the law school students who spent this summer working at law firms across the country. But, according to this year’s edition of The American Lawyer‘s annual Summer Associates Survey, some of these would-be lawyers have a different message for the hiring partners who brought them aboard. It’s time to de-emphasize the fun. As one respondent said, “I would ask that the Summer Associate Program be scheduled so that there is a bit more time for work.” A possible reason for the serious-minded pleas: the survey shows anxiety among summer associates at a four-year high. Who can have a good time with worry clouding their thoughts? 


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Cut the Fun and Put Us to Work This year’s Summer Associates Survey found the students who spent the season at major law firms more anxious than those who filled the same slots over the previous three summers—and eager to work off their worries.
Methodology How we arrived at the rankings.


2012 Summer Associates National Rankings
We rank 111 law firms based on the average of nine survey queries, including interest level of the work, how much of it was “real” training and guidance, and how accurately the firm portrayed itself in interviews.
2012 Summer Associates City Map
An interactive map showing how summer associates rated their firms based on the offices where they worked.
• Plus, cities ranked by overall summer associate satisfaction.