We produce three rankings for our Global 100 report. The Most Revenue chart ranks the world’s largest law firms by gross revenue. We also rank firms by head count (Most Lawyers) and profits per partner (Most Profits Per Partner). Firms are eligible for placement on the Most Revenue chart, the Most Lawyers chart or both. A total of 122 firms are included on our global charts. Most firms provide their financials voluntarily. Some refuse to cooperate. All information, whether it is volunteered by the firm or not, is ­investigated by our reporters. Foreign law firms differ in structure from American law firms, so we’ve taken steps to level the playing field. Here’s how we produce our lists:

Most Revenue

This chart ranks firms by gross revenue for their most recently completed fiscal year. Revenue figures are rounded to the nearest $500,000, and revenue per lawyer figures are ­rounded to the nearest $5,000. In most cases financial information for U.S.-based law firms is obtained from The Am Law 100. Other law firms were surveyed directly for the Global 100. Revenue figures for all non-U.S. firms (except vereins) are converted to U.S. dollars using the average annual conversion rate in 2015 as published by the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Most Lawyers

This chart ranks firms by the average number of full-time-equivalent lawyers at the firm in the 2015 calendar year. The firms on this chart are the world’s 100 largest by head count. The geographic breakdown comes from the 2015 National Law Journal survey of the 500 largest U.S. firms or from the firms directly if they are not included in that report.

Most Profits Per Partner

Only firms that make the Most Revenue and/or Most Lawyers charts are included in this chart, which ranks firms by profits per equity partner for the most recent fiscal year. Profits per equity partner are rounded to the nearest $5,000.