The share of racial and ethnic minorities working for Am Law 200 law firms barely increased over the last several years, our 2015 Diversity Scorecard shows. At the 220 firms employing 154 lawyers or more that responded to our survey last year, minority lawyers made up 14.4 percent. That’s up just three-tenths of a percent from our previous survey, when the figure was 14.1 percent. In 2008, minorities reached 13.9 percent before their share of the Big Law employment pie declined in the recession. But minorities represented only 9.7 percent of lawyers at the largest firms in 2000, so some progress has been made since the turn of the 21st Century.

Racial and ethnic minority lawyers made slight gains in their representation at the largest law firms last year.
The percentage of minorities at large law firms hasn’t changed much in seven years, our Diversity Scorecard shows.
Using data from The American Lawyer’s 2015 Diversity Scorecard, we’ve charted the number of minority lawyers at 220 firms in a single interactive.