If you are involved in litigation concerning a substance regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the agency has a Web site where you can review dockets and documents: http://cascade.epa.gov/ RightSite/dk_public_home.htm. EPA Dockets (EDOCKET) is an online public docket and comment system designed to expand access to documents in the EPA’s major dockets. Dockets contain Federal Register notices, support documents, and public comments for regulations the Agency publishes and various nonregulatory activities. EDOCKET allows you to search, download and print the documents in a docket, as well as submit comments online. For a current list of the materials in each docket and common questions, click on “About EDOCKET.” The support documents include Federal Registers, reports, hearing transcripts, and other items used in the rule-making process. Comments include written opinions, data, and other information submitted to the EPA that agrees, disagrees, and/or suggests alternatives to the proposed action.

EDOCKET is currently being phased in across the EPA. As of July 2003, docket facilities are using EDOCKET to establish the public docket, index the docket contents, and to the extent feasible, provide the electronic version of publicly available docket materials. Dockets opened prior to May 2002 may be added in the future. The availability of an electronic document is indicated on the index by the PDF symbol. All documents listed on the index are available in the official public docket at the appropriate docket facility.