I’ve always felt there were two types of people in law school: insiders and outsiders. Insiders know what law review is before they arrive; they know what they need to do to get ahead in class; they know who the good professors are, where they went to law school, for whom they clerked and at which firms they worked. When job season comes around, they know about the corporate culture of each firm. In fact, insiders are already a part of the legal culture, applying the finishing touches needed to join one of the firms they selected while an undergraduate, or in high school or in the womb.

Then there’s me. I’m an outsider. Not one of those cool, oppositionalist types, riding a Harley and maintaining an alternative lifestyle while jamming with my band on weekends. Not one of those true believers either, looking to take on the system and stick it to the man. Just one of those plain ignorant folks who didn’t have a clue what was going on around me until it was too late.