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Our Westlaw and Lexis update has become an annual feature in Legal Information Alert.This year, for the first time, we are including Loislaw and VersusLaw, two additional legal research databases that have become valuable to legal researchers. You will notice in this year’s update that the Internet versions of all the databases are also covered. LEXIS: NEW ADDITIONS, CHANGES, AND ENHANCEMENTS ENHANCED SEARCH FUNCTIONS WITH SEARCH ADVISOR ON LEXIS.COM: Search Advisor is a searching tool based on a classification system for areas of law. It allows users to retrieve cases, treatises, law review articles, and news using predetermined searches simply by choosing categories of law and specific topics. Search Advisor also allows users to find or explore topics within the 39 categories. Case enhancements include Case Summaries, Core Concepts, and Core Terms. Case Summaries include sections on the procedural posture, overview, and outcome of the case. Core Concepts are topic-classified headnotes, taken from the language of the case and hyperlinked to the relevant language in the case. Topics, which are taken from Search Advisor, are hyperlinked to Search Advisor so that lexis.comusers can perform topic searches on relevant headnotes. Case Summaries and Core Concepts are being added to all new state and federal cases decided since Jan. 1, 2000, and to all substantial federal cases decided prior to Jan. 1, 2000. Substantial cases are all cases decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, all cases cited in a Matthew Bender treatise, all cases cited in an Emmanuel outline, and all commonly accessed cases. Case Summaries and Core Concepts will be searchable segments in the near future. Core Terms, available on both lexis.com and Lexis software, is a list of the most important words and phrases taken directly from the case. Core Terms are available as soon as a case comes online and is a searchable segment; for example, CORE-TERMS (double jeopardy AND forfeit!). PRACTICE PAGES ON LEXIS.COM: Each practice page contains specific tools and shortcuts so that users can quickly and easily locate relevant information on a specific area of law or jurisdiction. Practice pages provide easy-to-use search forms for finding relevant cases, statutes, treatises, and law reviews, as well as search forms for factual investigation. Selected new Lexis databases include: United States Supreme Court Transcripts (GENFED; USTRAN), oral argument transcripts are received within two weeks of argument; coverage is from Oct. 1, 1979 to the present. Civil Docket Summaries (Library: DOCKET), docket filings by party name, subject, judge, attorney, etc.; docket summaries link to MarketSpan docket reports for full-text docket reports from the PACER system. Also available: U.S. Attorney’s Manual(GENFED;USAM): Fox News Network (NEWS; FOXNWS) includes transcripts from Fox Files, Fox News Sunday, Hannity & Colmes, Special Report with Brit Hume, The Crier Report, The Drudge Report, The Edge with Paula Zahn, The O’Reilly Factor, and Your World with Neil Cavuto. Transcripts are available within 24 hours of air from July 1998 through current. Other databases include: Directories of Expert Witnesses & Consultants (Libraries: ALLREC, VERDCT; Files: NOCEXP — North Central; WEEXPT-West); databases include full-page resumes of experts in hundreds of fields. Environmental Regulation of Real Property (Libraries: CORP, 2NDARY; File: LJEVRP). CCH Significant Tax Legislation (CCHTAX;SIGLEG). Sex Discrimination & Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Libraries: CORP, 2NDARY; File: LJSXDH). Uniform Commercial Code: Analysis of Revised Article 9 (Libraries: MATBEN, 2NDARY, UCC; File: UCC9AN). WESTLAW: NEW ADDITIONS, CHANGES, AND ENHANCEMENTS WESTLAW CONTINUES TO ENHANCE KEYCITE: KeyCite Alert now notifies users of pending federal legislation that may affect a particular statute as well as recent changes in the status of a particular case. Sign up for the alerting service at Keycite.com. KeyCite also now fully covers administrative decisions from the FCC, BIA, NLRB, EPA, and PTO. WESTNEWS: Westlaw has created the WestNews interface as a way to set its news and business information apart. WestNews provides access to 32 new business databases as well as Company Profiles (CO-PROFILE); WestNewslink and WestIntraClip. WestNews also includes coverage of the Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal Europe,and the Asian Wall Street Journalwith headline access; 49 top U.S. daily newspapers, The Washington Post, The New York TimesNews Service, The Boston Globe, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Globe & Mail, The Times of London, Barron’s, Forbes, Business Week, Time,and Newsweek. Expanded E.U. and U.K. Westlaw now have comprehensive and current E.U. legislative materials, regulatory materials, and caselaw (see EU-ALL). It includes all of the following databases: European Union Case Law (EU-CS); European Union Legislation (EU-LEG); European Union Treaties (EU-TREATIES); European Union Preparatory Acts (EU-ACTS); European Union Parliamentary Questions (EU-QUESTIONS); and European Union OJ C Series (EU-OJCSERIES). Westlaw has also expanded its U.K. legal information through a partnership between West and Sweet & Maxwell. Westlaw has added Federal Procedure, L.Ed., which has two types of coverage: core coverage encompassing general principles of procedure in all three levels of the federal court system and topical coverage encompassing the application of procedural rules in specific types of actions or proceedings, e.g., banking, bankruptcy, civil rights, environmental protection, employment discrimination, and Indian affairs. It is thus broader than Federal Practice and Procedure. We use Federal Procedure, L.Ed. quite often for almost any type of federal issue. It is one of our favorite sets and, we think, one of the least appreciated and least known of all the major sets. Westlaw announced last year that as of Oct. 4, 2000, classic Westlaw would shut down. This affects WestMate for DOS, WestMate5.29 or earlier for Windows, and WestMate 4.92 or earlier for Macintosh. Selected new Westlaw databases include the following: USCA Popular Name Table (USCA-POP). Bogert’s Law of Trusts and Trustees (BOGERT), full-text of the 1999 edition of the 23-volume set, including forms, references to rules and statutes, updated annually. Causes of Action (COA), similar to Am. Jur. Proof of Facts and Am. Jur. Trials, both of which are also on Westlaw. Fletcher Cyclopedia of the Law of Private Corporations (FLETCHER-CYC), full-text treatise set provides comprehensive coverage of corporation law; the online version also provides hypertext links to more than 250,000 citations to caselaw and other resources. Nichols Cyclopedia of Legal Forms Annotated (NICHOLS-LF) includes more than 18,800 business transaction forms, as well as checklists, drafting suggestions, analysis of relevant law, and research references. West Legal Directory B PeopleCite (WLD-PEOPLECITE), exclusive to westlaw.com. Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR), complete prescribing, usage and warning, and dosage information for over 2,000 prescription and nonprescription drugs. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Compliance Manual (FLB-EEOCCM), EEOC Compliance Manual, and sections of the New Compliance Manual as they are released. West’s Legal Forms (WEST-LF), forms organized by topic, includes guidance on related law and procedure with emphasis given to tax considerations. FormsBAll (FORMS-ALL), full-text of more than 50 sets of forms, with analysis. Individual States Texts, Periodicals & Legal Forms combined databases for California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Ohio, and Texas. Westlaw has added 55 new Canadian databases that provide comprehensive coverage of federal and provincial caselaw, as well as Canadian tax, bankruptcy, employment, insurance, securities, and environmental law. Billcast available to predict success of federal legislation: Billcast, published by Information for Public Affairs, Inc. (IPA), is available on both Westlaw (BC) and Lexis (LEGIS;BLCAST). Billcast provides a comprehensive listing of all pending federal bills (except those introduced in the Appropriations and Budget Committees), from both the House and the Senate along with statistical odds for a bill’s success both in Committee and on the House or Senate floor. The statistical model used to predict a bill’s odds was developed in 1977 and has had a 94 percent accuracy rate. Other information available for each bill includes the bill number, title, date of introduction, and sponsor. On Lexis, the bill number, title committee, committee odds, number of Congress, session, forum (House or Senate), date of introduction, sponsor, and floor odds are searchable segments. Committee-Odds and Floor-Odds are arithmetically searchable. For example, COMMITTEE-ODDS = 80. On Westlaw, Billcast documents are not segment searchable, but users can still search for specific information. For example, to search for a specific bill number, use the search Abill [email protected] +s 162. On Lexis, the search would be BILL NUMBER (162). [Thank you to Bill McKinney, Federal Reserve Board library, for his listserv note pointing out Billcast to us.] Company information available to enhance due diligence searches: Company Analyzer [ www.lexis.com/companyanalyzer] on lexis.com allows users to gather comprehensive company information by searching up to 30 sources at once. Sources include corporate and financial information, bankruptcy and UCC lien filing information, general news, court decisions, jury verdicts, and pending litigation. Also on lexis, Europe Intelligence Wire (Libraries: EUROPE; NEWS, PRESSE, WORLD; File: EIW) provides European and international company information from selected newspapers and business magazines. An alliance between Westlaw and Dow Jones Interactive allows Westlaw to offer business intelligence information easily through its new WestNews service. The new WestNews interface provides easy access to Company Profiles, Dun & Bradstreet Business Information Reports, and Investext analyst reports. Company Profiles contain profiles on more than 300,000 companies and includes news and background information on corporate executives and issues. A free summary report contains the variant names of the company, address, and ticker symbols. The full report is easily retrievable for $35. Dun & Bradstreet Business Information Reports contain information on over 57 companies (mostly privately held). Investext analyst reports cover over 14,000 companies. WestNews also provides access to public records on individuals and companies, and fulltext SEC filings within 60 minutes of filing. WestClip is available to automatically update users on news, filings, and changes. WESTLAW AND LEXIS MISCELLANEA LexisOne.com: Lexis has launched a new Web site that provides free access to recent caselaw, forms, and 16,000 legal-related links. Caselaw coverage is from Jan. 1, 1996 to current for the two highest courts in each state and all federal circuit courts, plus complete coverage of all U.S. Supreme Court cases (from 1789). Cases are unenhanced, but are fully searchable with terms and connectors or by citation. Users with lexis.com subscriptions can link to the enhanced versions of cases. In addition to the cases, lexisOne.com contains 3,000 legal forms arranged both alphabetically and by topic under 30 practice areas. Forms are downloadable and users can choose their preferred word processing format. The Legal Internet Guide provides 16,000 links to state, federal, and legislative resources, legal and national news, and computer links in 36 legal practice areas. The Legal Internet Guide includes links to state resources and professional development resources. [Thank you to Sabrina I. Pacifici for her review of lexisOne.com in the July 6, 2000 edition of lrrx.com, from which the information above was taken in part.] EXPANDED CASELAW COVERAGE FOR ALL 50 STATES: Westlaw and Lexis now both have coverage starting with the earliest case in each state. Both services have updated the look of their Internet interfaces and have added new viewing and formatting features [see "Westlaw.com and Lexis.com: Meet the New Generation" in the October issue of Legal Information Alertfor a full discussion of these features]. Lexis now places law review footnotes at the end of the document with hyperlinks in the body of the article. Lexis also now has term and document hyperlinks for easier navigation. In addition, Lexis added Custom View and Custom Print options so that users can view or print selected segments of a case only. Westlaw has also added hyperlinks to law review footnotes, although they have always placed footnotes at the end. A new addition to westlaw.com is its Database Wizard, which allows a user to easily find a specific database in the Database Directory without knowing either its database identifier or the folder that contains it. ALTERNATIVES Although it has been predicted that the Internet will not replace Lexis and Westlaw (Marsha Thomas, “A Review of VersusLaw on the Web,” Utah Bar Journal,March 1999), LoisLaw and VersusLaw both provide good Internet alternatives. VersusLaw ( www.versuslaw.com) offers a database of federal, state, and tribal court opinions. VersusLaw has U.S. Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1900. All federal circuit courts are covered, with most jurisdictions going back to 1930. Coverage of federal district courts is weak, with only seven districts covered and dates ranging only from 1997. State Appellate courts in all 50 states are covered — with some going back as far as 1930. Since spring of 2000, VersusLaw has been developing a national tribal court database that provides access to hard-to-find tribal court opinions from five tribal courts, with 13 more to be added soon, including the Navajo Nation Supreme Court. Users can run VersusLaw searches in individual or multiple databases using either natural language or Boolean search techniques. Search Buddy allows users to run VersusLaw-formulated searches in selected databases on predetermined topics and subtopics. VersusLaw subscriptions are extremely affordable. A flat rate is only $6.95 per month per attorney in a firm. An annual subscription is available for $83.40 per year per attorney in the firm. Also, a 24-hour plan is available for $14.95. VersusLaw contains several other separately priced products, such as eLLR, a CLE product that enables you to earn all your ethics credits via e-mail. The cost of eLLR is $100, and it has been approved for CLE credits by 14 states. The free VersusLaw CLE Program has been approved for credit in 19 states, offering free CLE credits for an online Research Manual tutorial that takes approximately two hours to complete. AdvanceLinks allows subscribers to receive weekly e-mail updates on pre-selected topics ranging from DWI to Legal Immigration. AdvanceLinks costs $10 per month per topic. V.News subscribers can conduct full-text searches of more than 3,000 news sources, including consumer publications, business journals, regional and local newspapers, trade journals, wire services, and 60 legal publications. It costs $29.95 a month or $1.95 per article. VersusLaw’s main disadvantage is the lack of coverage of state statutes, administrative codes, and court rules. Customer service is available during normal business hours. VersusLaw is in the process of adding the federal district courts and state statutes. It should be noted that this service does not pretend to be a competitor to the other three. It offers a modest product for a modest price. Loislaw ( www.loislaw.com) offers both state and national databases, divided into three subscription categories: State, State/Federal, and National. The state products category contains caselaw, statutory law, constitutions, administrative decisions, and court rules for all 50 states. The state/federal circuit collection category offers three options: 1) your state and your federal circuit, plus the U.S. Reports, U.S. Code, Public Laws of the United States, and Rules of the Supreme Court; 2) your state and all 13 federal circuits, plus the U.S. Reports, U.S. Code, Public Laws of the United States, and Rules of the Supreme Court; or 3) your state and all other states in your circuit, plus the U.S. Reports, U.S. Code, Public Laws of the United States, and Rules of the Supreme Court. The national collection is a comprehensive product package including access to primary law databases for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and 18 federal law library databases including the U.S. Supreme Court, Rules of the U.S. Supreme Court, the 13 U.S. Courts of Appeals, Federal Court Rules, U.S. Code, Public Laws of the United States, Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Register, and U.S. Sentencing Commission Guidelines Manual. Two new premium products have been added: the LOIS Federal District Court Opinions and the LOIS Bankruptcy Court Collection. LOIS Federal District Court Opinions include selected case opinions from Federal District Courts from 1932 to the present. Referenced cases include those that have been cited by any U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the U.S. Supreme Court, or any state appellate court in a final decision. Non-referenced cases include recent opinions from participating courts. This package also contains selected U.S. District Court local rules. The LOIS Bankruptcy Court Collection includes selected Bankruptcy Court Opinions from 1979 to the present. Cases included in the referenced database meet the same criteria as those in the Federal District Court Opinions. Selected recent case opinions from participating courts are also included in the product. In addition to the bankruptcy cases, a subscriber to the Bankruptcy Court Collection receives federal and local bankruptcy forms in a PDF fillable format, selected local rules of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, selected U.S. District Court Rules, the U.S. Reports, the Rules of the U.S. Supreme Court, the 13 U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals, the LOIS Federal District Court Opinions, the U.S. Code, the Public Laws of the United States, and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Practice. Loislaw.com has also introduced a new California promotional product, which can be found at www.ca.loislaw.com/. There, a customer can sign up via the Internet for a subscription to the California State law and the 9th Circuit databases. This product also features Judicial Counsel of California Forms in a fillable PDF format. All LOIS Professional Library subscriptions provide access to GlobalCite, the LOIS citation research service. With this feature, you can access, download, and print any case that cites the document the user is viewing. With hyperlinking, users may view any case, statute, or regulation that is cited in a case, regardless of the jurisdiction. The LOIS Law Watch updating service is also available to LOIS Professional Library subscribers. Users can search individual or multiple databases using Boolean techniques. An Advanced Search function allows field searching within a database. All products, with the exception of the LOIS Federal District Court Opinions and the LOIS Bankruptcy Court collection, include a free state CD-ROM. Loislaw has several affordable pricing options ranging from $59 per month ($708 per year) to $139 per month ($1,668 per year). Subscriptions include a free state CD-ROM. If you find anything that is noteworthy in any of these services, including usage tips and strategies, please send an e-mail t [email protected]. Your comments will be incorporated into our next update. Fritz Snyder is the library director and Stacey Gordon is the reference librarian at the Jameson Law Library, University of Montana School of Law. They can be reached at [email protected]and [email protected].

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