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The postmarks on mail recently received by the New York State Bar Association in Albany speak volumes on the sympathy and support offered by the worldwide legal community in connection with the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. Bar organizations from Arkansas to Dallas, from Japan to Tehran have written to the largest voluntary association of lawyers in the United States to express their good wishes and, in many instances, offer their assistance. “I have never had an experience like this, of people just reaching out to express their sympathy and offerings of help on this type of scale,” said Steven C. Krane, president of the State Bar. “I think it says we [the international bar] are a lot closer than we ever believed we were and that there is a lot of common ground. We are finding through this tragedy some ways to work together that we might not have previously realized were possible.” Krane said he is heartened by the outpouring of interest from lawyers nationwide who are not only willing but eager to offer pro bono help. “While you can’t have a silver lining in a cloud that is as dark as this, maybe this is in some ways going to rekindle the desire of lawyers to be more involved in pro bono service even after we have picked up the pieces from this disaster and gone forward,” said Krane, a partner at Proskauer Rose in Manhattan. Particularly gratifying, Krane said, is the interest expressed by young lawyers. “Young lawyers seem to be saying, ‘Billable hours be damned. I am going to do something to help my fellow citizens,’ ” Krane said. Since the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the State Bar has functioned as a clearinghouse and service organization. It is coordinating pro bono efforts, assisting lawyers who need temporary space and equipment, and has been involved in discussions with officials in all three branches of government regarding issuance of death certificates in instances where a body has not been recovered. Krane said the response, both nationally and internationally, shows how the crisis “transcends nationalities, transcends international borders and is bringing lawyers and countries closer together, at least for a while.” Here are some examples of the letters the State Bar has received: ARKANSAS BAR ASSOCIATION It is with profound concern that I convey to you the thoughts and prayers of every member of our Association at this time of unspeakable tragedy for New York. The Arkansas Bar Association stands ready to assist you in any appropriate way. Countless Arkansas lawyers have expressed to me their sadness and outrage over the loss your membership and state have sustained. Many are expressing a strong desire to help. For now, we are advising all who ask that donating blood and making financial contributions to relief agencies is the best action to take at present. Please know we stand ready to assist you in any way possible and send every best wish for the recovery of your community. Sandra Wilson Cherry President THE CENTRAL BAR OF IRAN On behalf of myself, the Board and members of the Central Bar of Iran, I hereby condemn the terrorist actions taken in New York and Washington, which killed and injured thousands of innocent people there on Sept. 11, 2001 and wish to convey to you and eminent members of the New York State Bar our deepest sympathy and condolences for the said sorrowful disaster. S.M. Jandaghi President LAW SOCIETY OF IRELAND On my own behalf, the Council of the Law Society of Ireland and its membership, may I express to you our deepest sympathies and condolences on the deaths of so many of our colleagues in New York on 11th September last. In common with all other lawyers throughout the civilised world we condemn, without reservation, the actions of organisations who carried out these dastardly acts. On a personal basis, many of us here in Ireland would have known colleagues who perished in the World Trade Centre. We sympathize with and pray for their families. Ward McEllin President ILLUSTRE COLLEGI D’ADVOCATS DE BARCELONA I am writing to you at this most difficult of moments to convey my most sincere condolences and those of the members I represent. To our colleagues, their families and friends our most heartfelt sympathy in their time of need. Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas i Sayrol Dega BARREU DU QUEBEC We all learned with stupefaction and horror the events that took place in New York on Sept. 11. We want to send you our deepest sympathy and offer our most sincere condolences to the Bar, the lawyers and their families, who certainly have been affected by this terrible event. Furthermore, we would like to offer our help, if anything can be done by our organization to help yours cope with the situation. Francis Gervais Le batonnier du Quebec DALLAS BAR ASSOCIATION The Dallas Bar Association Board of Directors adopted the enclosed Resolution condemning the horrific acts that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001. We enclose it for your use in any way you see fit. This is also a small expression of our deepest sympathies to your bar association for the losses it has incurred, and a reaffirmation of our resolve not to let these vicious acts of terrorism change the fabric of our lives. Please know that we stand ready to assist you in any way that we can and wish the best to you and your colleagues. Mark A. Shank President CENTRAL AND SOUTH MIDDLESEX LAW SOCIETY (GREAT BRITAIN) On behalf of the members of the Central & South Middlesex Law Society, I wish to express our solidarity with your members following the atrocity on 11th September. Our deepest condolences to the families of any of your members who may have lost loved ones. This was an event that touched the lives of persons from around the world. As editor of our newsletter, I would like to offer you the front page of our October 2001 issue. An article (1000 words or so) on how the legal fraternity of New York was affected by the atrocity and the challenges it faces in the near future would be of considerable interest to our members. Robert S. Drepaul Vice president THE LAW SOCIETY OF SCOTLAND I am writing to you to express the Law Society of Scotland’s sympathy following the shocking and tragic events of Tuesday. No word can express the depth of sadness which is felt amongst the legal community here in Scotland for you, your colleagues in the State Bar and your fellow townsfolk and citizens. As a mark of respect the Law Society of Scotland will be observing a three minute silence on Friday 14th September to honour the victims and remember their families and relatives. Martin J. McAllister President DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA BAR On behalf of the leadership as well as the membership of the 76,000-member District of Columbia Bar, I write to express our profound shock and unspeakable sadness surrounding the events that occurred Sept. 11. We join you both as eyewitnesses to these horrors as well as colleagues willing to do whatever we can to provide assistance to those who were directly affected. If we can assist your bar association in any way, please do not hesitate to call on us. The ongoing work of your Bar association in these difficult circumstances has been inspirational. Your dedicated service truly has provided an example of the best of our profession. John Payton President THE GENERAL COUNCIL OF THE BAR It was with utter dismay and incredulity that we learnt last week of the abominable terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, not forgetting those who died in Pittsburgh. I know that many from the American Bar will have died in the rubble of the World Trade Centre and others perhaps, among the passengers on the four aircraft. The wife of the Solicitor General is a particular tragedy. I would be grateful if you would pass on to the New York State Bar Association the shock that is felt by the English and Welsh Bar and all in this country at these tragedies. Our deepest sympathy goes out to all those who have been affected by this outrage. We remain available to provide you with any support you may need. Chairman of the Bar Roy Amlot QC SAPPORO BAR ASSOCIATION Sapporo Bar Association, Japan, President Hiroshi Tanaka and 4 vice presidents express our deep sorrow and sadness at the tragic loss of life resulting from the atrocities, Sept. 11, 2001. We extend our sincerest condolences to everyone, especially victims of our colleague lawyers. We also appreciate your rapid activities to help the victims of this disaster as we accessed your homepage and knew your activities. Hiroshi Tanaka President Tadashi Asamizu Satoru Takebe Junichi Nagano Yoshifumi Yoneya Vice Presidents of Sapporo Bar Association POLISH BAR ASSOCIATION We, Polish Attorneys, are profoundly moved by your tragedy, as though it affected ourselves. On behalf of the Polish Bar I would like to express my solidarity with American nation, and with all the American Attorneys. The act of terrorism against the United States of America is in fact directed against humankind, against the highest values your country embodies. We are deeply convinced that eventually justice will be served and good will overcome evil. I would like to ask Mr. President to express to our Colleagues, American Attorneys directly affected by the tragedy, our deeply-felt condolences. We share your pain and suffering. Czestaw Jaworski President Polish Bar Association Warsaw, Poland ONTARIO BAR ASSOCIATION On behalf of the Ontario Bar Association, I wish to extend to you our deepest sympathy on the tragic loss of life and personal injuries in your state as a result of the recent terrorist attacks. We represent approximately 15,000 lawyers, judges and law students in the Province of Ontario who are members of the Canadian Bar Association. Immediately following the attack, our national president expressed our sympathy and support to your ambassador in Ottawa. The governing council of our Ontario branch met in Kingston, Ontario this past weekend for our quarterly meeting. The members of Council felt unanimously compelled to pass a formal resolution condemning the terrorist activities and affirming our support for fundamental legal principles. The emotion and sentiment of our members and of all of our citizens has been, and continues to be, very strong. Notwithstanding these expressions of sympathy and support, our members continue to be outraged by these attacks against our democratic society. Everyone to whom I speak expresses continuing concern on a daily basis. At every meeting which I have attended during the past week, there have been passionate expressions of sympathy followed by a minute or several minutes of respectful silence. A colleague and I were driving to our Council meeting in Kingston on Friday during our country’s Commemorative Ceremony honoring the victims of the Sept. 11 tragedy. Part of the ceremony included three minutes of silence which occurred while we were driving and listening to the ceremony on the radio. We both were compelled, not only to honor the period of silence, but also to stop our vehicle in the middle of the street and to stand beside it in doing so. Our mutual commitment to the protection of civil liberties and human rights under the umbrella of the rule of law will be severely challenged during the coming months and years. We assure you that your members will receive a strong level of support from our members during this time as we debate those democratic and constitutional principles which will be under attack. If there is anything that our associations or our members can do to assist, please do not hesitate to ask. On behalf of our members, I can assure you that our thoughts and prayers are with your members and with all people who have been directly or indirectly affected by these terrible attacks. Mr. James O’Brien President Ontario Bar Association ORANGE COUNTY BAR, CALIFORNIA Our Web site message has been changed t “On behalf of the OCBA, I have offered to assist the New York City and State Bar Association in whatever capacity possible. Currently, there are two things OCBA members can d donate blood to the Red Cross and, mark a monetary contribution to the Red Cross. The Orange County Red Cross Web site http://www.oc-redcross.org/ and ask when they can accommodate you. I strongly encourage all OCBA members to lend their support to the Red Cross and our fellow attorneys in this time of crisis.” Donna Fouste Executive Director A MEMBER OF THE NYSBA YOUNG LAWYERS SECTION I would like to express my sincere sympathy for the great loss that the American nation had suffered as a result of the terrible terror attack yesterday. Your pain is our pain, your grief is our grief. David Melnik Tel-Aviv, Israel BARRA MEXICANA On behalf of the Mexican Bar assembly, I wish to express my condolences for the terrible acts that occurred in your country last Sept. 11. Our hearts are with the victims and their families. This awful attack on the United States is also an attack on all of us. We stand united in response against those responsible. We offer our support and assistance. Claus von Wobeser President Mexican Bar Association VIRGINIA BAR ASSOCIATION I write on behalf of the leadership and staff of The Virginia Bar Association to offer our sincerest condolences upon the tragedy that has befallen your state and its citizens. Words just cannot express this horror. We offer whatever assistance you think we might muster. Our Young Lawyers Division shares with the Virginia State Bar Young Lawyers Conference a superb Disaster Relief Response Team; they are in the process of responding together to the declaration of Northern Virginia as a disaster area. If extension into New York is seen by you as beneficial and by our volunteers as feasible, we would like to offer that. Please feel free to contact us. As for now, we are in the process of examining what else we might do simply as citizens to be of service and are publicizing national and commonwealth serve and donation access numbers on our Web site ( www.vba.org). The prayers and thoughts of your Virginia colleagues are with you. Jeanne F. Franklin President INDIANA STATE BAR ASSOCIATION Please express the heartfelt sympathy of all Hoosier lawyers to your members and staff. I also lost a very dear friend in the Pentagon crash. That plane flew right into the window where I worked for several years in the Pentagon. All our best. Tom Pyrz Executive Director MINNESOTA STATE BAR ASSOCIATION The Minnesota State Bar Association would like to express our sympathies to the NYSBA, its staff and members in these tragic times. We are encouraging our members to donate to the several relief agencies collecting money for this tragedy. If you need assistance from Minnesota lawyers in any other way, do not hesitate to contact us. Tim Groshens Executive Director NORTH CAROLINA BAR ASSOCIATION In this time of great sorrow and need, the North Carolina Bar Association offers to help the people, legal profession and businesses of New York who and which are enduring unimaginable suffering and sorrow as a result of the brutal terrorist attack. While looking to hear from you about how we can best assist, we have considered several potential avenues of assistance we can render. Our Young Lawyers Division is making a direct offer of assistance to your YLD leadership. Our YLD acquired significant experience in disaster assistance as a result of the two devastating hurricanes and resulting flooding that hit eastern NC two years ago. We are urging our members to give blood, and make monetary contributions to the Red Cross. There may be disaster assistance opportunities for our Foundation’s endowment which you might point out to us, Today, we will be issuing to our members the statement attached to this letter informing them of the initial steps we are taking. We want to help. Please let us know how we can best assist With best personal regards, I am Henry P. Van Hoy, II President OREGON STATE BAR MEMBER I am an attorney in Portland, OR glued to the television and aching over what has happened in Manhattan; I want to help in some legal capacity, but can’t think how. Is there any legal help needed by victims or their families that I can give? Perhaps some claimants under the federal benefits act might need assistance with filing claims? Please email back and tell me how I can help. I can be there in 4 to 5 days driving. Sincerely, David Ghazi TENNESSEE BAR ASSOCIATION Following yesterday’s attacks, the Tennessee Bar Association is receiving inquiries from our members on what they can do to help. I am writing to ask if your bar associations are planning any organized efforts and if there will be a program through the ABA that we can tap into. I’m also asking for your help and advice as we structure our response: Our members are anxious to know if there is anything they can do to provide assistance to the NY and DC Bars. The legal needs of the victims is potentially staggering. Is there any need for assistance from attorneys in other states? Document review/production by email or legal research on consumer law type issues (probating simple wills, helping with billing disputes, etc)? With a large military installation nearby, we have started preparing for a pro bono effort to assist with will and estate planning should the military be activated. Have any of you had experience with these programs? Outreach around the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Relief Act? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Finally, many staff members are giving blood this week and the TBA will offer its CLE center to the Red Cross for a downtown blood drive and challenge all attorneys in the area to give. Other ideas, information, input and advice are welcome. M. Elizabeth W. Sims Access to Justice Coordinator Tennessee Bar Association

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