One of the most important factors in my summer job search was location. I concentrated almost entirely on firms with a major practice in the Seattle area. Having grown up in Seattle, I did not need to be convinced of its virtues. Living in New York City, I really miss the mountains and outdoor lifestyle. I even like the weather! On the other hand, I have not lived in Seattle full-time for almost ten years. Friends have told me that the city has changed tremendously during that time, as the city has grown and swelled with young businesspeople and computer programmers. I went into my summer job search looking for a position that would allow me to explore what it is like to live and work in the new Seattle as an adult.

Once I had decided to focus on Seattle, I looked at a number firms that ranged in size from small to large. I also looked into firms that were “native” to the Seattle area, as well as firms that had large practices in Seattle but central offices elsewhere. Probably the most important part of the process was the trip that my husband and I took to Seattle in the fall. During that trip, I visited four firms and had a chance to get to know people at each firm. What struck me most powerfully was that everyone I spoke with truly enjoyed practicing law in Seattle. I became convinced that that was what I wanted to do for the summer.