Californians Against Shakedown Lawsuits, the campaign fund-raising committee formed by a tort reform group pushing the 17200 ballot initiative, has raised $254,500. The California Motor Car Dealers Association Fund to Stop Shakedown Lawsuits has raised more than $3.5 million for the17200 ballot initiative. Here are the five biggest contributors to each fund.

Californians Against Shakedown Lawsuits
Blue Cross of California Thousand Oaks $100,000
Intel Corp. Hillsboro, Ore. $100,000
GlaxoSmithKline Philadelphia $20,000
California Bankers Association San Francisco $10,000
Clorox Co. Oakland $10,000

The California Motor Car Dealers Association Fund
Toyota of Orange Inc. Orange $104,900
Conant Automotive Cerritos $100,000
Orange County Automobile Dealers Assoc. Costa Mesa $100,000
Longo Toyota El Monte $100,000
Silicon Valley Auto Dealers Assoc. San Jose $100,000
Source: California Secretary of State
( The Recorder, 2003)