Homepage Litigation Trendspotter: COVID-19 Contract Suits Are Largely Settling, but One State Still Faces a Massive Force Majeure Fight

Lawsuits stemming from the litany of contracts that were canceled because of the pandemic largely seem to be ending in settlements. But in one state, which was served a double dose of arguable force majeure events over the past year-plus, the court battles are just revving up.

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This Detail Shifted a Georgia Premises Liability Suit in the Landlord's Favor
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Key Legal Considerations in Obtaining and Defending Against 'Yellowstone' Injunctions
June 18, 2021

By Muhammad U. Faridi, Jacqueline L. Bonneau, Wolete Moko and Nadav D. Ben-Zur

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Will a Federal Law Against Insider Trading Finally Become Reality?
June 18, 2021

By David L. Axelrod and Hannah L. Welsh

Securities Litigation

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