LawVu, the category-defining legal workspace for in-house legal teams, today announced the addition of several new AI enhancements to their legal workspace.

These new feature releases come at a time when many in-house legal teams are seeing an increase in burnout and feeling pressure from their organizations to prioritize productivity and efficiency gains across their legal function (Source: The 2023 In-house Legal Technology Report)..

Much like the legal workspace at large, these new AI-powered features optimize efficiency and grant time back to busy in-house legal professionals, helping them to unlock valuable data and action contracts faster.

With the introduction of AI-powered import and review, in-house legal teams can now import existing contracts into LawVu in bulk, much faster than before. AI-contract extraction then automatically captures and pulls out key contract clauses and other important data, saving a huge amount of administrative time and ensuring data integrity. LawVu has also released their new AI assist feature, currently in beta, which is a natural language processing tool that reviews and summarises key contract information so in-house legal teams and their colleagues can quickly get answers to questions surrounding contracts.

To bring the new functionality to life, LawVu has made strategic partnerships with AI leaders Zuva and Microsoft to ensure customer data is stored and processed with the same strict security and compliance measures as the rest of the LawVu offering.

“At Zuva, we’re focused on making it dead simple to use our contracts AI, which we’ve been building since 2011 and has been used on millions of agreements. We’re pleased to partner with LawVu to help them offer innovative solutions to the in-house legal industry in the most secure and reliable way,” says Noah Waisberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Zuva.

Legal professionals using LawVu were already taking advantage of the ability to manage their matters, contracts, and vendor spend all in one place. Now with the power of AI embedded in the legal workspace, it’s even easier for legal teams to save precious time and do more with less resources – something that’s more important than ever in today’s economic climate.

“In-house legal professionals are under more pressure than ever before to deliver results quickly and accurately. Bringing these new AI enhancements into the LawVu legal workspace is just another step in helping in-house legal teams save time so they can focus on the more important issues at hand,” says Sam Kidd, CEO and Co-founder of LawVu. LawVu is hosting a webinar demonstrating their new AI features on June 2, 2023, 8 pm GMT+1. Registrations are available on the LawVu website: