This article appeared in Accounting and Financial Planning for Law Firms, an ALM/Law Journal Newsletters publication covering all financial aspects of managing law firms, including: building a law firm budget; rates and rate arrangements with clients; coordinating benefits for law firm partners; and the newest strategies to grow your firm and your career.

Law firms large and small have been outsourcing onsite office services for many years. From the mailroom and reprographics center to records management and word processing, there is an outsourcing provider ready to take these services off firms’ hands. Over the past decade or so, we’ve seen outsourcing on the rise as firms take steps to address a changing market for law firm services, including:

  • Increasing reliance on allied professionals and specialists;
  • Expanding partnerships and the outsourcing of non-lawyer services;
  • Creating “captive” subsidiaries for legal related services; and
  • Expanding the use of technology to improve legal work processes.