As of June 2022, most of the country finally appears to be reopening in earnest after more than two years of pandemic-related shutdowns, false starts and failed attempts to get back to “normal.” At the same time, the fate of COVID-19-related business interruption litigation is just now beginning to take shape, as an increasing number of federal and, perhaps more importantly, state appellate courts weigh in on the issue.

We’ve collected all of our coverage, analysis and expert commentary related to these cases nationwide (and, in a few instances, worldwide) and will continue to update this page with new developments. The articles are broken into three categories—Key Cases, Trends & Analysis and Expert Commentary—and listed in chronological order with the newest content at the top of each section.

Key Cases

 Federal Judge Relies on ‘Overwhelming Body of Unfavorable Case Law’ in Rejecting COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims