JUST KEEP MANDATING – Employment and workplace safety lawyers are recommending general counsel move forward on policies to help their companies comply with the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for employers, despite an appeals court’s temporary block of the measure. In the meantime, GCs are considering how to announce mandates without triggering mass employee walk offs. Phillip Bantz reports that companies covered under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule are now facing a strategic crossroads between a “hard mandate” requiring vaccination or a “soft mandate” allowing unvaccinated staff to get weekly COVID-19 tests.

COMPETITIVE PARANOIA - It might be desperate times, but law firms might want to reconsider desperate measures in the overheating talent market. Lizzy McLellan uncovered reports of law firms asking to hide their online associate bios and leaders trying to dissuade young lawyers from leaving by sowing doubt about the firms they’re planning to join. One legal marketing consultant said that some firms even discourage associates from participating in bar associations and networking groups for fear of them gaining more visibility. But, industry watchers warn that trying to hide top talent can most certainly backfire.