Welcome to Skilled in the Art. I’m Law.com IP reporter Scott Graham. One of the pleasures of writing this briefing is the introduction I get to so many off-the-charts high-achievers: Scientists, MDs, aircraft designers, Navy SEALs and others who decided that what they really wanted to do was get a law degree and litigate IP cases worth millions if not billions of dollars. This week’s inspiration comes courtesy of Kirkland & Ellis associate Yvonne Beeler, an Army captain who led a platoon of soldiers building roads in Eastern Afghanistan while dodging rocket fire and IEDs. You can bet that spending three months in trial or flying halfway around the world on short notice for depositions isn’t going to faze her the way it might some others. More on her story below.

Also, the nation’s busiest patent judge isn’t too busy to help teach some University of Texas law students the finer points of arguing patent-related motions. Plus: two Skilled in the Art podcast recommendations.