Once again, firms are turning on a dime, as they alter reopening plans to confront the reality of the delta variant. But it’s not clear if they deserve credit for these adjustments. Have an opinion? Email me here. Want this dispatch in your inbox every Thursday? Sign up here.

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Has COVID-19 Really Taught Law Firms Nimbleness?

In those long-ago days when we were neither familiar with the concept of “social distancing” nor had a drawer at home stuffed full with masks, I was keen to play with the concept of “disruption.” Sure, the primary focus of this briefing has long been new-fangled threats to traditional law firm business models and how firms are responding. But beyond new technologies or strategies for allocating legal work differently, that also meant taking the term more literally. A protest interrupting a recruiting event that blamed a law firm for supporting policies that lead to climate change would fit the bill. So would a global pandemic.