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WARNING SHOTS - The spread of the Delta variant has dashed dreams of a post-pandemic fall, instead forcing a number of law firms in recent weeks to delay or alter their office return plans, including mandating vaccinations for those resuming in-person work. As we examine in this week’s Law.com Trendspotter column, the internal and external messaging from firms that have postponed their return dates has reflected a recognition that rushing back to the office too hastily is not only potentially unsafe, but also unnecessary. At the same time, the proliferation of vaccine mandates demonstrates that there is an increasing unwillingness on the part of firm leaders to compromise on reaching the goal of getting folks back together sooner rather than later. Before we dive in, I’m interested to hear what you think: given the uncertainty surrounding the Delta variant, is it still worth it for firms to continue pushing for a fall office return? If so, should more firms be mandating vaccinations? Let me know at [email protected].