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‘THE WILL TO DO IT’ -   Even after George Floyd’s murder last year sparked a wave of activism and soul-searching throughout the United States, 16 of the nation’s largest law firms, nine of which are in the Am Law 200, still do not have even one Black partner among their ranks, Law.com’s Dylan Jackson and Justin Henry report. Legal consultant Michelle Silverthorn, founder and CEO of Inclusion Nation, said she wonders if those firms are truly interested in bringing on Black attorneys. She added that she doesn’t know the situation in each individual firm so she can’t speak as to why a particular firm does not have any Black partners, but said firms that do care about diversity will find a way to make it happen. “I will say that we were able to transform the workplace overnight when it came to the coronavirus. We can do the same thing when it comes to racism,” Silverthorn said. “We have the will to do it.”