Man sneaks a look at a woman's laptop computer screen. Hmm. I didn’t know you could spell it that way.

The Mueller Report wasn’t the only interesting thing going in Law World this week. Naughty words at the Supreme Court, a business suit against a baseball player, vaccination drama in New York and Kim Kardashian (again) provided plenty of fodder for the Ex Post Facto team to create a challenging quiz.

As for last week, congratulations—85 percent of you knew that Kim is the Kardashian who is seeking to join the bar.

We prevailed on the question about what a Chicago lawyer was giving away, catching 31 percent of idealistic souls who guessed he was giving away 200 hours of pro bono legal services. (Twenty-nine percent correctly chose he was giving away one of his comic book stores, while 27 percent thought he was abandoning his baseball card collection.)

Another 47 percent of you fell for the suggestion that King & Spalding was the home of one of the founders of Augusta National Golf Club; given the firm is based in Atlanta and shares the name of a sporting goods brand, it was a reasonable choice. But the correct answer, picked by 32 percent, was Atlanta-based Alston & Bird; golf great Bobby Jones was a co-founder of a predecessor firm (and that 18-hole place in Augusta).

Good luck this week.