Law Firms Face Pressure From Clients on Data Security
The Legal Intelligencer
March 4, 2014

Forget client service or rate flexibility. If a law firm wants to get, or even keep, business, data security plans are often now the price of admission. Corporate America is increasingly looking to ensure its outside counsel are handling client data just as securely as the clients themselves do. Full Text

Law Firms’ Prime Data Security Threat: Their Own Employees
The Legal Intelligencer
March 11, 2014

From kill commands and encryption codes to government espionage and foreign hackers, law firm life is beginning to resemble the plot line of a spy thriller.Full Text

Do Law Firms Need Cyberinsurance?
The Legal Intelligencer
March 18, 2014

Despite the risk-averse nature generally associated with the legal industry, many law firms do not view themselves as at risk for a data breach and, therefore, have not purchased what is known as cyberinsurance. The lawyers in firms whose practice is concentrated in data security see this as a mistake given what they say is the “if, not when” likelihood of a firm being breached. 1202647297403t