Across the United States, many regions—including very notably our own—have been lining up and spending significant attention and resources on the bidding for Amazon HQ2. Companies, researchers and investors worldwide are rightfully focusing on Amazon and other U.S. tech companies. At the same time, significant numbers of savvy tech players are increasing attention on Israel as a source of innovation, talent and exciting new companies.

Anecdotally, I witnessed this development first hand when I traveled to Israel on a trade mission this past fall with the Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce (PICC) and the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. While we saw the usual complement of American executives and investors, it was amazing to meet representatives from dozens of countries—including India, China, Japan and various European and African countries—crowding the convention halls of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and environs to get a look at Israeli technologies and cut deals.

The Philadelphia Region Has Much to Offer Israeli Tech Companies