A total of 80.95 percent of the first-time takers of the Texas Bar Examination who are Texas law school graduates or students passed the July 2017 exam.

That’s slightly less than the 82.33 percent passing rate for first-time takers who sat for the exam in July 2016. But it’s better than the 76.6 percent rate for the comparable group that took the test in July 2015.

According to statistics released by the Texas Board of Law Examiners, 1,279 of the 1,580 first-timers from Texas law schools passed the July 2017 test, and 301 did not pass.

From out of state law schools, a total of 73.81 percent of first-time test takers—417 of 565—passed the July 2017 exam, and 148 did not pass.

The Texas Board of Law Examiners has posted the pass list for the July 2017 Texas Bar Examination.

Baylor Law School had the highest passing rate, with 92.92 percent, followed closely by University of Texas School of Law, with a 91.60 percent passing rate for first-time test takers.

The University of North Texas Dallas College of Law had the lowest passing rate for first-time test takers, with a 59.32 percent. Earlier this year, the American Bar Association Section of Legal Education and Admissions granted provisional accreditation to the law school.

The overall passing rate for the July 2017 bar exam, which includes first-time and repeat examinees, was 77.86 percent, with 1,832 of 2,353 passing. That compares to 70.45 percent for the July 2016 exam.