A Fort Worth man has filed a class action suit against the manufacturer of Costa Del Mar sunglasses alleging the company’s aggressive “no gimmicks” warranty was nothing of the sort, and that it was in fact a trick the company used to lure customers into making expensive repairs on shades they claimed would be fixed for a “nominal fee.” The recent lawsuit filed in a Harris County state district court brings deceptive trade practices allegations against Florida-based Costa, which advertises itself as the nation’s fourth-largest sunglasses brand in America. Costa in-store displays stress that its sunglasses are “Backed for life. The best in the industry. No gimmicks. No disclaimers. Just an unwavering confidence in our product.” According to his lawsuit, Brian H. Burden purchased a pair of Costa Brine sunglasses in September 2015 for $179.96. On the back of the box, Costa displayed the following statement: “If our sunglasses are damaged by accident, normal wear and tear, or misuse, we replace scratched lenses, frames and other parts for a nominal fee.” Several months later in 2016, the frame of Burden’s Costa sunglasses broke due to normal wear and tear so he sent them back to Costa for repairs. “Instead of charging a nominal fee, Costa charged [Burden] $63.39 for repair, including a diagnostic fee, not including shipping,” the petition alleges. “Costa charged [Burden] nearly 40 percent of the cost of a brand new pair of sunglasses, far more than a nominal fee.” “Costa’s claim that it will repair damaged sunglasses ‘for a nominal fee’ is false and deceptive, designed to lure consumers into paying a premium for a warranty against damage due to accident, normal wear and tear, or misuse, only for consumers to later discover the bait-and-switch,” the petition alleges. “Unfortunately, Costa’s ‘no gimmicks’ warranty is just that–a gimmick–designed to trick customers and maximize revenues for Costa’s repair center at the expense of Costa’s customers.” The lawsuit seeks more than $1 million in damages for similarly situated plaintiffs in Texas and notes that Burden’s attorneys have filed a parallel lawsuit against Costa in Florida. Charles T. Jeremiah, a partner in the Houston office of Holland & Knight who represents Burden, did not return a call for comment about the petition. Neither did a spokesperson for Costa.