William A. Munck. Photo: Mark Graham

In a move that will make its intellectual property firm one of the largest in North Texas, Dallas’ Munck Wilson Mandala has scooped up seven attorneys from cross-town rival Howison & Arnott, including firm founders Gregory Howison and John Arnott.

The move boosts the total number of registered patent attorneys employed by Munck Wilson to 27.

In addition to picking up partners Howison, Arnott and Brian Walker from the smaller boutique firm, Munck Wilson also added senior counsels Andrew Graham, Edward Jorgenson, Steven Greenfield and associate Keith Harden.

Like many Dallas firms that practice intellectual property, Munck Wilson has a national litigation focus but spends time in the nearby Eastern District of Texas, home to the country’s busiest IP docket.But the firm’s decision to combine forces with Howison & Arnott attorneys comes at a time when the Eastern District’s docket is on the decline.

Munck said he has been friends with Howison, who was a former design engineer with Westinghouse and Texas Instruments before becoming a lawyer, for nearly 25 years, and it made sense for them to combine their firms.

“Greg’s firm has been a significant force in intellectual property law and both he and I saw a great opportunity to combine two strong and complementary IP practices,” Munck said. “The more expertise you have, the better off you are. At a time when large firms are shedding themselves of patent prosecutors, we now have a group of people that can compete with anyone, anywhere. We now have a tremendous pool of talent.”

Howison, who has prepared over 1,000 patents in his legal career, is happy to be joining Munck Wilson and making it an even stronger firm.

“Munck Wilson Mandala is well-known among technology clients and the legal community as a reputable and cost-effective law firm,” Howison said. “We are excited to join forces with Bill and his team and help make a powerful IP team even more powerful,” Howison said.