When Trey Apffel and Steve Fischer compete in the runoff election in May, it will be the first president-elect runoff in State Bar history, writes State Bar spokeswoman Kim Davey in an email.

The runoff is necessary because none of the three candidates won a majority vote. According to the results, Apffel won 8,304 of the 24,409 total votes, or 34 percent. Fischer won 11,058 votes, or 45.3 percent. Larry Hicks won 4,887 votes, or 20 percent.

The runoff campaign period is May 1 to 8, and voting runs May 9 to 23, says Bob Black, co-chairman of the State Bar’s Nominations and Elections Subcommittee.

The voter turnout this year is higher than it’s been since 2009. Davey, who emailed turnout statistics for the past five elections, explains in an interview that the numbers represent the total votes cast in all elections, including the president-elect and State Bar director races. The turnout in this election was 27.2 percent, compared to last year’s turnout of 20.7 percent. The 2013 numbers represent the highest turnout since 2009, when turnout was 28.6 percent.

Fischer says he thinks the high voter turnout is great.

"One of my goals is to get more people involved in the Bar. In that, we’ve succeeded," he says.

Fischer says he plans to travel and talk with lawyers during the runoff campaign. Both Fischer and Apffel say they’ll also reach out to their supporters for help campaigning.

When asked how he’ll catch up to Fischer’s lead in votes, Apffel says he hopes he can "make up the difference" by picking up votes from Hicks’ supporters.

"I think he and I were very similar in our ideas and in our approach," Apffel says. "I hope that his supporters will see fit to turn their support to me."