Head of the Class: Former Teacher Leads Team Advising Lone Star Educators
The state’s budget crunch has forced lawyers at the Association of Texas Professional Educators to dole out bad news to some teachers who lost their jobs because of school district financial cuts, explains Donna Derryberry of Austin, the association’s director of legal services.

Working In-House From Your Own House
A zero-minute commute and the ability to work in your pajamas are just a few of the perks of working from home. And with technology advances of the past few years, more and more in-house counsel are finding it’s possible to enjoy the benefits of alternative work arrangements.

Beach Blanket Lingo: The 2012 Summer Reading List
The Texas summer is heating up, which means it’s time for my annual bag of beach books for corporate counsel, writes Michael P. Maslanka. So stow the briefcases, grab the sunscreen and fire up the e-readers. This year’s books focus on persuasion, leadership and career development. First on the list is “The Rules of Influence: Winning When You’re in the Minority,” by William D. Crano.

Add Value by Harnessing Existing Tech Tools
In-house counsel are tasked with protecting and mitigating litigation risk, while becoming smarter, faster and cheaper. With limited resources yet bearing significant responsibility, there is no margin for error when selecting the right tech solution. Keith H. Mullen offers some advice on where to start.

Special Report: Intellectual Property

Pitfalls on the Road to Acquiring Trademark Registration
Since a good trademark can serve as a clear designation of the source of a product or service, the value of a trademark can be immense, write Linda W. Browning and Mark A. Kammer. Registering a trademark can add significantly to its value to the business. So, if a company holds a valuable trademark and in-house counsel wants to protect it, what are the next steps?

Protecting Intellectual Property at the Border
The United States imports an enormous amount of goods from other countries, and pirated products naturally are part of that deluge. Oscar Gonzalez writes that in-house counsel should understand how to enlist the federal government’s help to stop infringing goods or, alternatively, to defend their companies’ rights to import products against claims of infringement.