The National Law Journal is seeking nominations for our “Appellate Hot List” of law firms that have done exemplary, cutting-edge appellate advocacy. Potential nominees must be able to point to least one significant appellate win since January 2015, plus an impressive track record overall. A “significant win” means prevailing before the U.S. Supreme Court, a U.S. circuit court of appeals or a state court of last resort when the financial stakes were high or an important legal principle was at stake.

Nominations should list the specific case or cases to be considered and include a short description of the firm’s track record—maximum 800 words; an explanation of the firm’s contribution to particular cases (presented oral arguments, drafted briefs, contributed amici arguments cited by the court) relative to significant co-counsel; and a list of the principal attorneys on a case.

The deadline for nominations is October 21. Please send nominations as a Word document or PDF to