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This is The National Law Journal’s 33d annual survey of the nation’s 250 largest law firms. The attorney totals are based on the average number of full-time equivalent (FTE) attorneys for the period from Jan. 1, 2010, with a projection to Dec. 31, 2010. The NLJ sent surveys to about 300 law firms to determine the 250 largest. Lawyer counts do not include contract or temporary attorneys. A firm must have more lawyers based in the United States than in any other single country to be included on the list.

Firms are ranked by FTE numbers rounded to the nearest whole number. In case of a tie, we rank firms by the actual number of attorneys before rounding. If the tie persists, we rank firms by the total number of partners, and then the number of equity partners. In some cases, firms did not provide numbers for breakdowns, such as partners and associates. As a result, breakdowns may not equal the total number of attorneys. In addition, because of a change in methodology, the headcount totals for 2009 were based on FTE averages that firms restated on the 2010 survey. Discrepancies may exist between attorney totals and breakdowns in 2009, because firms did not restate breakdowns for 2009. Branch offices with no FTEs do not appear in the list of branches.